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My tagline sucks. So do my memes.
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Spaceballs: We're In Now Now
Dark Helmet: Well, what happened to 'then'? Colonel Sandurz: We just passed it. Dark Helmet: When? Colonel Sandurz: Just now. Dark Helmet: Well, go back to 'then'. Colonel Sandurz: We can’t. Dark Helmet: Why not? Sandurz: We already passed it. Dark Helmet: When will 'then' be now? Colonel Sandurz: Soon.
Jonesy, Please Don't Look So Grumpy
"A transmission? Out here?" ~ Ellen Ripley
Nice Technique!
Yup, she *is* in shape... TFS! :-)
Nice Technique!
Agreed. If you look closely (right near the end), she seems to be wearing red undies. So she gets extra credit for her fashion sensibilities. :-)
Nice Technique!
Nice golf 'T'. Or maybe the plural form. ;-)