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Am I The Only One Around Here in fun
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The videos on Youtube are very annoying.
Kpop in fun
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Disclaimer, snowflakes are on both social/political sides and so far you're acting like a snowflake. My goodness, everything seems to offend people these days and I bet you're millennial because I'm not surprised by your overly sensitive generation. Please know the difference between satire and bigotry because this was satire.
revenge chicken in politics
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ORANGE MAN IS GREAT IF REMOVED CIVIL WAR II WILL HAPPEN | image tagged in charlottesville nazis | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
This is you.
revenge chicken in politics
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You're living in denial and I can't wait for the day you righties get blindsided by everything because it's going to be ugly. So enjoy your fantasies of shouting 4 more years and beyond jive because it's not going to happen. It's funny how some of you without a pot to piss in fall for someone who raised the deficit and your taxes but that's the reason why I don't fall for snake oil salesmen with their magic beans because nothing will ever grow out of it. Plus I don't fall for Bernie Sanders bullshit either on the far left because Bernie and Trump are one and the same. A bunch of Russian puppets who can sell bullshit to rubes who'll fall for anything.
revenge chicken in politics
1 up, 2y
The right is filled with ass kissing bitches who can't even think for themselves but you're a chickenshit weakling because you're scared of the truth more than anything. It must be nice to support the nations chief enforcement officer who's a coward and can't confront the House Democratic committee like a real man. But I guess it's easier to bullshit Americans in front of the Republican Senate committee because they have that pussy ass bitch Lindsey Graham doing Trump's dirty work. So go f**k yourself and tell your mother do the rest.