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Futurama Fry
I don't like pickles but extra onions and lettuce then I'm sold.
Futurama Fry
Too me, mustard on a burger kills the burger.
In the age of Google Maps, I find that someone asking for directions overrated.
The reason I said that because some people are uptight to ask for directions these days.
Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers
If you're talking about that far-right snowflake that' rant over crap with no evidence? The guy is a bigoted jerk and unfortunately, he has the right to free speech like everyone else. I don't like racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia or transphobia but people have the right to say what they want but it doesn't mean we have to like it. After all, a lot of the hateful rhetoric gets taken down and brought back under a new username. What I was addressing with the meme is you can take away Louis C.K, but they're many of them out there like the Watson moron you mention. As I said earlier I'm for free speech but don't mean we have to like what we hear.
Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers
Snowflakes are on both sides of the political aisle but all this political correctness has run amok. Yes, the school shooting bit was a low blow but are we going to live in a time where every joke, song lyric or conversation will need a seal of approval?