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good morning America, now go burn it down!
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Roll Safe Think About It in fun
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and its still there after the 30 days it aint magically going away after everyone stays home
Untitled Image in politics
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typical response from someone one who only watches fox news... the meme has nothing to do with the state of the economy, nor who anyone really anyone supports nor was it a specific jab at the GOP ...however it does reflect on one persons personal actions which are questionable at best and the particular consequences they could lead to...also which begs to question what he would he actually do if he loses in 2020 what will happen Jan 20th 2021 at noon. Also, in addition questioning the actions of those in the legislative branch which are more willing to turn a blind eye to such actions because they are more worried about making their hard right base angry and their own reelection. So in essence this meme is satire regarding the actions of the morons who get elected on either side of the aisle and and their failure to perform their Constitutional duties because they are more worried about being voted out of office. However I get it not everyone gets satire, that requires an actual education.
Peter Parker Cry in fun
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apparently some people don't get meme genius!
Maury Lie Detector in politics
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and no I did not vote for him, the point of the meme is about voters who at the end claim they never voted for someone when they secretly did, really donald is not the point if the meme. I could hav eused Reagan as the example but used donald as he is more currant
Maury Lie Detector in politics
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apparently neither of you get the meme ....and a fellow american yeea that's the ticket!