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"Just be yourself. Because if you don't.... You'll make bad memes. Just kidding." -meme_supremeo892, 8/9/2020
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Who are you? in fun
0 ups, 21h
bro ain't nobody asked for you to say this
this was 2 years ago get a damn clue 💀
Untitled Image in MEMES_OVERLOAD
4 ups, 12mo
I love this so much this just made my day thank you that's all I had to say
2020, people. in MEMES_OVERLOAD
0 ups, 1y
Ahh it wasn't a dumpster fire...
is that right? in MEMES_OVERLOAD
1 up, 2y
ik i was joking
Who are you? in fun
0 ups, 2y
they should bring back old blues clues no lie it was better