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Happy Star Congratulations in politics
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You should care for a lot of reasons. But you're too busy trolling. Sounds like you need a hug. Too bad we can't hug anyone right now.
Happy Star Congratulations in politics
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A leading question you could easily look up yourself indicates that you have some ulterior motive. You are trolling and trying to suck up my time and emotional energy. If you want to have a sincere discussion, that's one thing. I'm not feeding trolls here.
Happy Star Congratulations in politics
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No, thank you, I would not like to play "Feed the Troll" today.
Negative Times a Negative Equals a Positive in fun
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You're either a) too kind or b) kind enough to comment with the playful facetiousness.
Evil and Negligence in politics
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As something of a literalist myself, I know to look out for literalism. You asked the question for a reason. What purpose would have for "educating" me? That doesn't further the discussion. You are trying to claim, in the middle of an argument, that you were attempting to educate me about hearsay with the statement "you know that's hearsay... right?". That is not educational in that context. AND EVEN IF IT WAS, you're backing yourself into a corner because, once again, WHY did you need to educate me about hearsay if not to try to show that my use of it was invalid? You're PROVING my point OR you're showing that bringing up the idea of hearsay had nothing to do with the argument which proves, once again, that you're not actually arguing against the TRUTH that I know of police who watch Fox News and support Trump. You're simply trying to discredit the source.
But here's the cool thing. The very fact that you aren't arguing on topic shows you recognize that watching Fox News is problematic. goodonya.