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More Liberal Logic
Also, that's why I said to keep people who get prescribed these drugs away from guns for a "period of time". If they're taking these meds maybe keep them from buying guns for a year ? To see how they react to the meds. And actually warn them of the danger signs and possible red flags that occur if they're having a bad reaction to them. I wasnt warned. Eventhough it says right on the warning labels now that these meds may cause thoughts of suicide and violence.
More Liberal Logic
If it will stop them from getting treatment in the form of mass murder pills. I'm good with that.
More Liberal Logic
So which is more important ? Medical privacy ? Stigmas ? Or keeping our children from getting shot ? A lot of unjustified police shootings are happening too. Hmmm.... maybe put police and military personnel on medical leave if they're prescribed these drugs ???
More Liberal Logic
Sure, I think there's room for improvements to our current gun laws. Namely, anybody who's prescribed antidepressant medications shouldn't be allowed to buy guns for a period of time. Because, when you look at it, almost every mass shooter has been on these meds. And I speak from experience. I was prescribed welbutrin for awhile several years ago and started having very violent, very bloody dreams. I was terrified and got off of it immediately. Bottom line. We've always had guns in this country and we've always had people with mental health issues. So, why the increase in mass shootings ? Could it be that antidepressant prescriptions are up 400+% since 1988 ? Of course the media won't mention this as possible factor because their networks take in over $6 billion annually from big pharma advertising. Everybody is so quick to go after guns. Which is why I made this meme. I've seen many people on the left leaning sites calling for total gun bans and gun confiscation. That's who I was speaking to. But I think it's time to ask the question. Are these drugs turning some people with otherwise manageable conditions into mass murderers ??? And the comparison to Canada is like comparing Apple's to oranges. They don't have the population we have. And they don't have the inner city gang violence like we do. Violence which is glorified in music, video games BTW. I propose keep people on mass murder medications away from guns. And improving school security. What changes do you propose ?
Liberal Hipocrisy
Come back when you have a coherent argument. Nice blending of the communist and gay pride flag by the way ! Lol. And remember. You're the angry one who commented on my meme. Get a life !