Liberal Hipocrisy

Liberal Hipocrisy | SO, HILLARY, NOW YOU'RE THE ONE SAYING THE ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED ? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN ? | image tagged in trump,election 2016,hillary clinton,hillary,jill stein,rigged elections | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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That's the point of the meme. When Trump said he reserved the right to contest the election Hillary and the media she was caught colluding with said he was un-American and was degrading our electoral process. Obama said " The notion that the election is somehow rigged, what does that even mean" ? Thus, the liberal hypocrisy. First they laugh at the notion and deny that fraud is a realistic concern. Then they use it to attack Trump as Un-American. Have you heard any of the mainstream media calling Hillary un-American for actually challenging the vote ? Keep in mind Trump just said he'd contest. He didn't actually do it like Hillary has. Lay off the liberal media cool aid son. It rots your brain ~
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Wasn't trump the one saying the election was rigged?
Didn't he say he won't accept the results?
Did he not foment for possible armed rebellion?

So when's the trump cavalry a'comin?

^ Still haven't addresed that.
Bwut mwommy, the's dowin it nwow too is not a valid argument

I ain't a liberal, jack.

Horeshoe theory, look it up.

PS: I didn't vote hillary either.
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You may not be a liberal. But you've obviously bought into the liberal lies being pushed by our corrupt media. Why else would you come after me with something out of left field claiming that Trump was fomenting an armed rebellion ??? Lol. All my meme was pointing out is the obvious double standard of the Democrats claiming that Trump was un-American and degrading our electoral process by suggesting that he may contest the results. Then backing Hillary when she contests the results. Get a grip ! I'm not sure which comment of his the media twisted to say he was calling for an armed rebellion. But that's all they've done this whole campaign. Lie and twist his comments.
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True, trump's own tweets are twisted and deranged, and even many of his supporters say he should close that account down.

But instead of double standards, having a SINGLE standard might be more fair and realistic, mkay, and thus you wouldn't have to get angry at meme putting trumps own words back in his mouth or have to resort to ones attributing such to people who never said them,,,
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Come back when you have a coherent argument. Nice blending of the communist and gay pride flag by the way ! Lol. And remember. You're the angry one who commented on my meme. Get a life !
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There ain't anything to come back too.

Blending, what flag? Oh, you mean the icon assigned by imigflip for garnering 30,000 points? You got the yellow newb star, they gave me this a few hours ago.

Um, who said I was angry, you're the one one who's all butthurt, AND THE CANDIDATE YOU VOTED FOR WON!!!
Hate to see how you would cry if he lost.
Good gawsh, lighten up, this shit is all in fun ya daft jackey.
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