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Why you gotta be like that my dude in fun
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Yeah and that's really cool but I'm talking about kid Naruto, like preteen Naruto. He mainly relied on shadow clones and rasengan. Sure as he got older and actually did more intense training did and he start expanding on his technics. Naruto is really cool and he learned so much as he got older but younger him was ignorant in battle and most times he went in blind and relied on his two strongest jujutsus. Aside from that it's just a light heart joke I made 2 years ago, I forgot it even existed till I got on imgflip for the first time in almost a year and saw the notification for this comment
It be the truth in fun
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Same, it is most people and the characters reaction when it happens which is what I was getting at
I wish not to be seen in fun
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Haha... f**k you
Not you in fun
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just follow the instructions. in fun
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Jokes in you I am an idiot