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What if I told you posting an image of the cover of a book you googled but haven't read won't win you many arguments? Hahaha you mockery.
Ok, let's just say the most famous study on the topic of homosexual behaviour in animals in the wild was by a Canadian (of course) amateur biologist and full-time homosexual activist who released his paper to peer review. When it became apparent that the animals he had studied in the wild were actually in his local zoo, and that what he classified as homosexual behavior was anything including what you people do down the docks of a Saturday to *any physical contact between animals of the same sex*, be it playful or affectionate, so brothers and sisters playing or a mother nuzzling a female cub. If you know anything about mammals, and you don't you'll know all those are natural and normal behaviour. So, sadly for him, his study was instantly discredited and he was roundly mocked for his stupidity... like I'm doing to you people now. His name? Well, let's just say he's the co-author of the book that you googled when challenged on a topic of which you are completely ignorant. Oh dear. You took google's first result and went with it- now you have made sure everyone knows what a fool you are. How embarrassing for you.
I wrote in the wild, yet you f*gs keep on posting pictures of animals in captivity. You're not very clever, are you?
It's not a crime, and I didn't mention the legality, but it is a mental issue. It doesn't exist in the wild in the animal kingdom. The difference between us and animals is the mind... well, some of us. The most recent accredited studies prove what has long been suspected. And gender is grammatical. There are two sexes. And, if you think a little bit about it... the 'born that way' lie doesn't make much sense. If homosexuality were an inherited trait, how would it get passed down? It goes against the essence of nature, and you cannot deny that. You may not believe in a god, or have any sense of morality. But the science is there for all to see. And you can shove your minus one right up your hole, buddy.
You must be unable to write a complete sentence in English, let alone read the studies you googled. You're an illiterate. Your opinion is worthless because of your obviously tiny IQ.