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The one thing that troubles me about this site.
The site never really worked, but now it is worse than ever. Originality is punished at every turn. And then factor in making an outstanding political meme, and 90% of people don't see it. Ok, you don't like politics? Not someone to read the news? FIne- what have you against gaming? So, you make an original and outstanding meme which makes an oblique reference to a video game, and submit it, but it's rejected in fun. Ok, submit it in gaming... makes front page for a week, gets 4 views and 1 upvote. This site is such a bag o' shite, but they actually managed to make it worse.
swiping seagull
[image deleted]Here, have this.
Run Program Agree ) : If Program Agree Negative, Run Program AccuseofRacism ) .
I think it's great that liberals don't understand irony. It's only to be expected- you'd need a sense of humour. This is why liberals can't meme.