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Homeless veterans would be far more welcome on most farms than illegal aliens if they were willing to accept the same pay. The U.S. Spent 150 million dollars last year assisting refugees (along with assistance from 9 separate nonprofits). That sounds like a lot, until you find out we spent $4.5 BILLION on assisting our homeless population. The reality is the majority of our homeless problem, especially when it comes to our vets, has far more to do with our lack of resources assisting with mental health and substance abuse issues than it does with jobs. Currently the unemployment rate is around 4%. And despite internet rumors created by special interest groups the reality is that illegal aliens absolutely do not qualify for benefits. In fact, they are required to be legal U.S. citizens for 5 years before they can even apply. If these issues were competing, believe me I'd be fighting for homeless veterans to take priority. They're simply not related. People who leave behind everything they've ever known to start a new life where there's hope and dignity, and most importantly safety are very courageous. We have to remember we are a country of immigrants. And that is exactly what makes this the best country in the world.