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Sent To Iraq
Turn off Fox and get yourself educated. Here is but one of Trump's EO that have been found to be unconstitutional. With Trump having Stephan Miller as the fool writing his EO, no wonder they are over turned. Federal court rules that Trump's executive order targeting sanctuary cities is unconstitutional.
Sent To Iraq
You don't know your facts on EO's. Obama 147 EO's, Bush Jr--291 Reagan---381 Bush Sr--166 There is no substitute for brains--please get some. Your ass is now educated on EO's.
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And Obama's highest was 69%. Overall his average was 48% for 8 years. Trump's highest was 45% for a one week time period. His lowest was 35% for multiple time periods. Go below 30% and the President is toast. Who has done the sub 30%: Nixon, Carter, Bush I, and Bush II.
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Agreed. Her mom, Marla Maples was smart enough to keep her away from Trump. Tiffany is the only one of the bunch that has gone on and got a decent education instead of relying on the Old Man's Russian money.
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Neat. How does one make a clip like this? thanks