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NPC Meme in politics
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GM is the one that doesn't get it - not Trump. GM is the one that strapped themselves with over $70B in debt BEFORE Trump was on the scene (and another $20B after). Trump doesn't F around - you don't follow protocol - he'll make you pay the price. He's going to cut subsidies and make them suffer for their actions. There never should have been subsidies in the first place, of course, but he'll strike them hard. He'll punish.
Untitled Image in fun
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False narrative - Nazis were not "right wing" - and here's why.



Inception Liberal in fun
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Maybe you're in the wrong party? It's all headed in the direction of "these people"..... Hostile takeover. The modern Democratic Party is NOT the Party of JFK.
Face You Make Robert Downey Jr in fun
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Even if "she" did, that still doesn't expand upon the two existing sexes.
Liberal Douche Garofalo in fun
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I actually blame the local government since they're the ones that made the decision, but now people like Michael Moore are blaming Trump, yet those same people didn't blame Obama. It's the Left's inconsistency, and failure to identify where the real problem lies.