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Get Boosted in politics
0 ups, 2m
No one said he has COVID. The vaccines f**ked up his immune system so now at the age of 28 he has this problem.
Justin Bieber Trust The Science in politics
0 ups, 2m
He's a dumb kid. He'll be afraid of whatever they tell him to be afraid of, just like the rest of the sheeple.
JFK Biden in politics
0 ups, 3m
Even in 2063 it will be too soon for this one.
There are no "trans." Just men, women, and the exceptionally rare chromosome abnormality. in politics
2 ups, 5m
I don't even blame Lia. There is a system in place that is permitting this insanity. Therein lies the problem. Lia is a mentally challenged person playing by rules that are friendly to mentally challenged people. The people making those rules should be ashamed of themselves.
Untitled Image in politics
3 ups, 5m
When the time is right and these people are put on trial for their crimes, there needs to be a noose with his name on it as well.