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FIX THE ice cream machines! in fun
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As a former employee of McDonald's, imma let y'all in on a secret. 95% of the time, they work perfectly.
People just happen to want ice cream during the other 5%, which is: the machine is overheated(ironic, isn't it), it's being cleaned(can take up to around 4 hours), or it didn't get filled properly overnight, and it essentially resets itself.
Also, most machines have 2 sides. One for ice cream, one for shakes. Usually at least one of the sides is working. Just ask.
I only remember our machine being actually broken once, because it needed a new part.
Early Christmas decorators, we still have November. in fun
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Some people don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Plus with the year that 2020 has been, just let people have some fun
Old fashion photography... in fun
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As a 17 year old, who grew up with those kinds of cameras, I got excited when Polaroid cameras were coming back in style
it's that time of year in fun
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Wrong, it's "c**t with wings"
Repost this on Tumblr and you are my best pal! in fun
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Step 1: Look up intersex
Step 2: Realize there is scientifically 3 genders