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Mathers trying to Matter... in politics
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Great meme. Him, Hillary, Colin Kaepernick and Yamiche Alcindor should all be forced to share a cell together. That would be interesting. Feed them all NOTHING but white beans, cabbage, garlic, and hot mustard. Yep. One cell, one potty, one diet.. NO VENTILATION = mild form of JUSTICE.
Biden won the election. Get over it. in politics
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The earth is flat, the earth is flat, the earth is flat..
Grandma Says Girls in My Day Didn't Have an Adam's Apple in politics
2 ups, 1y
Well then, STOP looking at photos of Michelle O
WAS BANNED on POLITICS STREAM in conservatives
9 ups, 1y
My meme content is spot on regarding the double standards to about everything on imgflip, and in commercial adverts. It's OK to push homosexuality in adverts, but if you make a point regarding the imbalance of racial and sexual agendas being SHOVED AT VIEWERS, then the imgflip MODS over on the Politics stream will BAN THE MEME because it's "racist and homophobic"

The adverts themselves are RACIST. The adverts PROMOTE homosexuality.

I simply ask not to have the message CONSTANTLY shoved at me that heterosexual white people are "inferior".
Eminem ? Really ? in politics
4 ups, 1y
as usual.. I make a great one, and it gets banned: