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couple talking
Uhh like there are no dozens of things. If there were she would of been under investigation a long time ago. She’s been cleared time & time again of Benghazi, her email server, & all this other nonsense that The Republicans keep drumming up to distract from the Russia investigation. & just so you know, I say this & I’m not a democrat. Never have been. This is Trump doing everything he can to distract because he knows Mueller is closing in on him. If not for collusion or obstruction then definitely for money laundering. Why you think he didn’t show his tax return? Or why do you think his attorneys don’t want him sitting down with Meuller? Because they know the minute he does it’s over. He’s too stupid to get his lies straight & he’s guilty S sin
That'd Be Great
Ugh no the fbi is not blue at all. Most of the people in the fbi are conservative not liberal.
That'd Be Great
Oh for the record I am not a democrat/liberal/whatever other label you give them. I have no interest in the Democratic Party. Oh & there is no investigation not because the FBI is blue (do some fact-checking please, the majority of the FBI is conservative & that’s a fact) it’s because there’s nothing to investigate.
That'd Be Great
You guys really need to stop following & listening to Fox News. The reason she’s not going to jail is because she’s committed no crime. Hence why there isn’t an investigation into her
That'd Be Great
Hillary is not going to jail over any absurd memo! That’s hilarious.