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I honestly consider information that disagrees with my position.
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Coronavirus in fun
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A vaccine is definitely a limiting factor, but much human cooperation is also required to get rid of a virus. Polio. Measles. Do you realize that if we don't fight the virus and use the techniques that science shows us will work, Millions will be infected and hundreds of thousands or millions of people will die? Do you realize that messaging from the president matters A LOT? COVID-19 spread more because of trump's actions. Which lead to more lockdown, more sickness, more death, more financial ruin, more unemployment, more focus on racial injustice, more appreciation of medical staff and service workers. Poor choices were made despite all the smartest people here screaming about how we need to respond.
To vote in your self interest... in politics
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I assume your comments on cigarette prices are facts. Much of the cost is applied taxes for healthcare and anti-smoking campaigns. Not to mention, smokers got what they wanted, to keep smoking. Remember prohibition?
To vote in your self interest... in politics
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Higher prices are not taxes. It sucks to be recovering, especially when we could have put up some resistance to COVID-19 rather than welcoming it. Democrats deport foreigners too.

Again? We need our oil industry jobs to move to solar/renewables. The Federal government has not yet put enough incentive, or stick, to get oil companies to change their path. And they haven't done anything despite their mountains of cash and the mountains of data and knowledge that tells us we will significantly change the surface of this planet. Trade agreements can be good or bad and many times it is retrospective.

Green energy is not a luxury. It is a need. In the true sense of need. In order to keep living at the current coastline, in order to die less to fires/tornadoes/disasters, in order to keep farming where we are farming, in order to avoid hundreds of millions or a billion climate refugees, we NEED to change our energy source.

Also, I'd like to see your crystal ball.
To vote in your self interest... in politics
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Unproven. However, encouraging COVID-19 to wash over the US will.