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Futurama Fry
I will. Thanks :)
Futurama Fry
I'm sorry. I was talking about how my mom is treated at her work place. She's been there since the place first opened. But lately, everybody has been treating her like crap and hiring only teenagers who feel that it is their place to boss her around. They start giving them important titles that don't really benefit them in the slightest. So far, none of the teenagers have complained about what they are paid. When they are promoted, they take advantage of that and boss everyone around without actually doing any work.
Futurama Fry
And to top it off, he/she is a teenager who doesn't even get paid minimum wage. All the teenager cares about is a title that makes them feel good.
See my comment below for the title: It's too long to fit here.
I heard that the reason of the church shooting was because of job reasons. Apparently that guy believed that his hours were being shortened and given to foreign employees for not even minimum wage. Of course I don't agree with the shooter's logic but with the way the jobs have been nowadays, people are getting desperate.