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Can you fly it at the statehouse in S. Carolina where it's been for years? No. Can you buy it on eBay? No. Can you buy it on Amazon? No. Do you know why? Yes. Because it's BANNED! Dumbass. You can use all the euphemisms, semantics and sophistry you like, but it doesn't change the facts. Just because it's BANNED in some places and not in others doesn't change the fact that it's BANNED from Amazon, BANNED from eBay, BANNED from flying at the S. Carolina statehouse. Now go your mandatory vaccination and go back to the children's table, the ADULTS are talking.
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Doing something all the time only means you feel you have a monopoly, it doesn't mean you aren't violating the terms of an agreement. You sound like a corporatist shill.
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Again, there's a difference between "Legal" and Banned. Is it legal to get an abortion? Yes. Can you get one everywhere in this country? No. You know why? Because of a de-facto BAN. Arbitrarily BANNING a product with no change in the terms of service and no prior notice and no real good reason is disingenuous at best, fascist at worst. It's a subterfuge and rubes like you fall for this shit all the time because like all good sheeple you believe everything you see on TV. Go back to the Children's table.
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