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how do i tell my crush in depression_much
0 ups, 1y
You tell your friend, who hopefully is their friend, the your friend starts planting ideas in your crushes mind. or just dont.
Untitled Image in WhenYourOutOfStreams
0 ups, 1y
no, you feed raw steak to the children then set fire to them then season. boom you got yourself a meal.
Im only human in dark_humor
2 ups, 1y
Thanks! I will use this next time somebody yells that I'm a cannibal!
The Danish in History_Memes
0 ups, 1y
oh oops im dumb
The Danish in History_Memes
0 ups, 1y
oh no im so scared! why did you delete your comment if you know oh SO many irish insults, sorry i speak truth, i dont think you are even familiar with that word.