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Yup...every single meme in the world. in fun
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I zoomed in to the image 175%. he didn't put every single meme in there he blurred it so no one would know
pride 1st of the 7 deadly sins in politics
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You gotta be humble and realize that you didn't found America. In addition I'd like to say that your proud to BE AMERICAN so it's not really about you rather America.
pride 1st of the 7 deadly sins in politics
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OK, I'd just like to say you made a couple good points in that paragraph. You were right to say that my arguments would have no effects on a non-religious person because from your response I see that they didn't. I won't argue with you because from everything you've said you seem firm in what you believe which is a good thing for someone who is representing everyone who has similar beliefs as you. I don't find any use in arguing with you any further, you clearly firmly believe what you say and I respect that though I may not agree with you. You also seem very smart and logical. I could stop thinking about you it made me realize that there were smart, kind,logical people on both sides. You have me actually think about what I believe rather than just believing it. So I guess that this means goodbye until we cross paths again in another comments section of another meme. I will remember you when talking to my liberal brothers and sisters in Christ and remember that we are all souls in search for truth, beauty, and goodness. Remember that you have challenged me and that seemed impossible until now. Thank you for every single second you spent listening to me, I realize that sometimes I can be annoying because I'm constantly quoting the Bible or the Ten Commandments or some religious something-or-another. I'd also like to thank you for your input. I know you have impacted me and I hope you can say the same about me.
pride 1st of the 7 deadly sins in politics
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First I'd like to say you've been very respectful and actually said something sensible instead of the usual "You're wrong and a hater, burn in Hell". You seem like a nice person and I address all my arguments with respect because you seem willing to respect my opinion whether you agree with it or not.
1.I DON"T hate gay people, transgenders, lesbians, queers, or any LGBTQ person. As a Catholic I
believe that every human being from conception to natural death is made in the image and
likeness of God.
2.I DO hate the behavior but NOT the person. As a Catholic I have often been asked the age-old
question "If God is truly good why does He allow bad to happen?". I answer with God loves
everyone whether they make the right choices or not and respects everyone's free will.
3.I love everyone because I as a Catholic strive to be like God who, as I mentioned, loves everyone.
4.You know that I think it's wrong but you don't know why. Well you may know the Christian creation
story from the book of Genesis. God created man and woman to "be fruitful and multiply". True
love is between a man and a woman. Marriage is meant to be the joining of a male and a female
to help each other grow in holiness.
5.Sorry if I gave the impression I hated gays and lesbians. I didn't mean to give that message off.
6.Thank you if you read this far, I appreciate if you did. I'll bet you did because my first impression of
you was a nice person who was willing to listen even if I said something you thought was wrong or
just plain dumb. Thanks again.
7.Seven is the number of perfection in the Bible so I wanted to make it to at least 7. I'll pray for you,
just a general prayer for your well-being and health have a blessed Thursday.
God bless,
(P.S I'll offer a Mass for you!)
pride 1st of the 7 deadly sins in politics
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That's pretty vague. That's like saying "bad is bad" or "blue is blue".