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Untitled Image in starwarsmemes
1 up, 10mo
notice how the first one is so so so much longer than the second one
If you remember any of these you are a legend in fun
1 up, 10mo
accidentally eating the plastic wrap that came with the fruit roll ups
Anyone else relate? in fun
0 ups, 10mo
maybe its just with my phone but the bedtime glitches and sometimes the phone doesnt turn on until 7 am even though it says it's supossed to turn on at 6 am
When i get bonus screen time the timer goes even when my phone is off
i cant change my profile picture because of some weird glitch
at one point all my texts started sending at january 1st 1969 because the google link messed up the time and date settings...
i could go on put i think you get the gist :/
Anyone else relate? in fun
0 ups, 11mo
And it always glitches!!