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Do the Hokeewolf challenge! Submit a meme with the first template that pops up when you hit create!
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I will miss the old community and a few of the newer flippers, but I have to go. It's become too toxic. in imgflip
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WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG SNOTBOY? | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I kicked this place long ago. I come here to make my social memes but don't submit here. But when small minute changes turned to major changes and 11 year olds all over the place I drew the line. It's a shame that it got that far.
Hide the Pain Harold in fun
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I still peek in. My latest (mrs hokeewolf and I made) got 2 upvotes! I coach 7th and 8th grade basketball. I don't feel like playing with them on Imgflip too. :)