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But That's None Of My Business in fun
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So some guy throws some quotes at you to EXPLAIN and this is your chance for an actual rebuttal (apologetics lol) but you say "you see, this is why you're stupid!"

Great argumentation there. You should be the next William Craig. You're so smart! I'm in awe of your impressive knowledge.

Also your response to the Noah's Ark problem was to ignore the laws of physics. Now prove that it can be f**king done and we'll have a starting point to work from. When have the laws of physics ever been broken and observed?

I know, I'm just an idiot and don't even deserve an argument. Right?
Permission Bane in fun
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WHAT IF I TOLD YOU BEN AFFLECK IS JUDGED FOR HIS PAST PERFORMANCES? THINK OF DARE DEVIL. | image tagged in memes,matrix morpheus | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
X All The Y in fun
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MISUSE ALL THE MEMES | image tagged in memes,x all the y | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
So I Got That Goin For Me Which Is Nice in fun
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Why did the chicken cross the road? in fun
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