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Wonka After Florida Shooting
Thanks to everyone who made this my best meme ever and pushed me over 100,000!
Wonka After Florida Shooting
Agreed. High five and happy Friday!!!!!
Wonka After Florida Shooting
Hmm. I disagree with most of what you've said here. The only way to know if policy will work is to compare to other countries or places. You're right, different countries and systems. It's a package deal? I doubt you were saying that when Obama was in charge, with Obamacare and whatever else you didn't like. I assume back then you wanted to change things. Well... dems want to change things now with Trump in charge. Our country is constantly changing and evolving and therefore it is not a package deal. Change is constant... the only way to be at peace is to accept that fact. Those comparing the policy of other countries stay here because the US is better. That doesn't mean that little things can't be improved here (in their opinion). Again, keep in mind that I think we're similar politically, but I suppose not so much in terms of open-mindedness.
Wonka After Florida Shooting
I hate questions like this...Just because someone disagrees with the status quo, then tell them to leave. f*** that. DBP, I probably lean the same way politically as you. however, telling those that don't like it to leave isn't right. We all love this country (but not every single aspect of it), and therefore want to work to make it the best possible version of itself.