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Creepy Condescending Wonka in fun
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you didnt understand the meme. classy irrelevant reply.
Ron Burgundy in fun
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Regardless of political sides - If the deaths were not a scandal, they were a result of neglecting request for assistance. That has been found to be true. And since Hillary successfully evaded turning over her emls, during these inquiries, the truth is we will not know the truth. We know she lies - we know she did not cooperate with the investigation / inquiry.
You have to follow the teachings of Christ as well in fun
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Typical lib, nothing intelligent to contribute, cant be nice, so you hurl ininsults like a little kid. Thank God you are in the minority of users and believers. Go ahead with the big bang theory, something from nothing made something. Soooo , where did the something come from?
Ron Burgundy in fun
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Dead people.. is not fiction.
Starbucks red cup in fun
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