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Chuck Norris in fun
0 ups, 7y
definitely a repost, but they're all over the internet and I think that the week is about recognizing so upvote.
Chuck Norris Fact of the Day: in fun
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its working. slowly.
I think they are protesting AMERICA! in fun
1 up, 7y
The concern may be that he does not know how to do that, and possibly that his manners and trustworthiness is very low compared to most people anywhere and is not what you want a world power to think of your entire country
The choice has been made live with it! in fun
2 ups, 7y
I had to post a comment about that.
Blank Yellow Sign in fun
1 up, 7y
because there is a major hate for donald trump by them and myself. though, I have enough common sense not to get involved and maybe give him a chance. if he does not prove himself then it will probably not stop. We share a common concern mainly centered about how he may gut every single organization and governmental program that protects climate change.