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Called a state of emergency sooner and restricted flights faster than his predecessor... So how is this bad? in politics
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As expected... There is no rebuttal for actual facts so you have nothing of substance to say. Pathetic.
Called a state of emergency sooner and restricted flights faster than his predecessor... So how is this bad? in politics
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Actually Pandemic responses are the responsibility of state powers while the federal government only provides support. Hence why states like NY are such crazy outliers. Not because the president, but because their governor was super retarded. He put old people, the most vulnerable, and ejected them out of hospitals into nursing homes with more old people without vetting them. 30k deaths alone are attributed to this dumb call alone.

As if that wasn’t enough, consider when Biden released his plan, he had to release it again because it wasn’t actually constitutional or within his jurisdiction of potential presidential powers. And after he released it again, he got called out for literally copying Trumps plan... yes, in other words, he would do the same exact thing.

So yes, fools like you, republican and democrat, who eat the garbage the MSM feeds you without considering how our country literally operates are a joke. What’s it like not having facts on your side? I literally can’t relate.
BrUh- in fun
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Sounds like your mom is a big pussy. I mean, I deny all my childrens’ feelings... that includes how they feel about me. Like who actually gives two f**ks if a little turd hates you? Especially a turd you own? Lol
This is true... in politics
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You're right, because Christians are going into gay cake shops demanding that the cake shop bake a straight cake. Then when they politely refuse and offer other options, you sue them and use government resources to do it. Then when the cake shop wins the case because they literally have the right not to not offer a service based on their beliefs, you get all your other friends to ask them to make cakes with their opposing views. So then your Muslim friend comes in and asks the gay cake shop to make a cake of the age old muslim practice of throwing gays of the roof. This has never happened to Christians, right?

Also, Christians are in such popularity in public universities that they are never in the minority. They surely aren't treated differently because then there would be multiple current open lawsuits against universities for said discrimination. We would also have many settled lawsuits in favor of Christians in the past year if this was really going on, right?

And they surely aren't overrepresented in Hollywood too! Could you imagine if casting directors came out and straight up admitted that they won't hire someone who is Christian? Never would happen because that would surely be in the news and can be google searched. This is why it makes sense that the gay community who comprises only less than 5% of the population should aim to be over represented with their goal of 15 - 20%. It's only fair, right?

Hope you don't mind the sarcastic tone as much. It was just my natural reaction to this. Because seriously, Trump is the literal response to conservatives being discriminated against and picked out by the left when they were in power (see Obama's IRS Scandal). So as a corrupt politician once said, "Come on, man?!"
Not sure why they need representation...seeing as apparently everyone in UK history was black.. in politics
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The truth is that I don't give a shit what she looks like, as long as she was the best actress for the job. Because if she is, then she will make the focus on what it should be when it comes to storytelling: the actual plot and development of the characters as the story progresses, instead of superficial things like "how similar she looks to the historical character."

If she was only chosen because she was black, then it sucks for the movie.