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when the deception runs this deep, where the lie ends and truth begins is invisible to all but the most open hearts
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i agree with chezyminion, not very christ-like to want to kill people as punishment for their actions.. i'm not religious or anything, but i'm pretty sure jesus would forgive them and try to teach them how to love by giving love to them..

what do you mean only jesus can save us from eternal damnation? i thought it was up to us to chose? so, you think it's okay for society to just kill people on the whim that jesus is waiting on the other side to judge them, as if you're just helping them along to judgement quicker? like their life is over?
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Grandma Finds The Internet in fun
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(cont) about it.. it's a deception thats generations in the making, and the people living today just accept war as normal and natural for humans to engage in.. that is so against the social and instinctual human empathy to be of service to others.. which does a person reflexively engage in.. attempting to save a drowning child, or pulling the trigger on the gun pointed at the drowning child.. literally, humans will instinctually try to help, not instinctually just kill someone.. aeons of evolution have sculpted a creature designed to help the humans around him because the memory of not helping and dying has been engrained into our very DNA..

"The bible says to be set apart ... the church is not. The bible teaches to not celebrate the world's holidays and specifically says not to bring evergreens into your home ... find a church without a Christmas tree. Everyone Trunk-Or-Treat lol How in the world does the church expect to lead the lost to Christ if they can't even keep their believers from running to sin?"
-what is the point of this? that christians today pick and choose what to follow in the bible? if it's such a holy book and god's word on paper, you would think the entire book would be honored even if something was ridiculous, because either the whole thing is god's word, or none of it is..

"There are a LOT of angry young people (and older people) who have left the church. And for good reason. But it is not God that is wrong or a liar. The Bible tells us to let God be true and every man a liar. God does not change. If God said it ... count it more true than your own name. "
-if humans we created in the image of god, then that would mean god has the capacity to be a liar.. i remember a certain story where god told abraham to go kill his son to prove his love.. that's a pretty dick move for a god to be engaged in, like, whoa i've never personally known anyone who abuse their authority to put their inferiors through the emotional and psychological trauma that must inflict.. but in the end, god was just kidding, he lied, he never intended to make abraham go through with it, god was just was feeling sorry for himself that day and devised a psychopathic plan to put someone who loved him entirely through turmoil so he would know for sure abraham wasn't lying to god, as if god just couldn't read his mind, like, everyone says god hears all our prayers, and yet god can't read the intentions or thoughts of his followers? AHEMbullshitCOUGHCOUGH. sorry.
Grandma Finds The Internet in fun
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straight up though, i am perfectly happy with my model of the universe, and guess what, my perspective on consciousness and our reality doesn't require your god to exist..
look i'm gonna pick apart some of your statements here for a minute.. and just so you know, an argument isn't in and of itself a bad thing, it's how one presents their argument or viewpoint on the issue that determines the tone of the conversation..
you said..
"I do know why Christianity is true and other religions are false. I know why Eve was made from Adam's rib. I know why their descendants are subject to the injury of their parents. I know how their DNA was changed."
-I think you misunderstand my point.. I'm saying that the proof is in the pudding that some of the bible is just stories meant to impart a message or moral, and aren't meant to be taken literally.. for example, have you ever encountered a talking snake? please explain to me the biological mechanisms in place that would allow a snake to speak at anytime in their history as snakes..

"Because the church looks so much like the world and sounds so much like the world that the body doesn't know it's ass from its elbow ;-) Pastors are so afraid of offending someone and keeping their pews filled that they do not teach doctrine or bible anymore. "
-Probably because they know if they are going to keep a congregation in the age of information, they can't use the same manipulation techniques of trying to convince everyone that natural human behaviors are somehow a sin depending on the social status of the couple.. what exactly is the difference between an unmarried couple having sex and a married couple having sex? the act is the same, a marriage certificate from the government does not suddenly make sex not sinful anymore.. god doesn't issue marriage certificates, the state does.. the whole no sex before marriage is bad thing is just a social guideline for creating a culture of families in which the parents have the perception of an eternal bond as to not dissolve the family because they are afraid of pissing off god.. god doesn't care, he is busy enjoying watching the military industrial complex work in tandem with a complicit whorish mainstream media to propagandize everyone into supporting using government resources such and taxes and tricking young men and women into going to fight for their interests under the guise of patriotism.. these corporations are multinational and globalized, their is nothing patriotic about