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Losers in politics
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Ah. The truth hurts don't it?
Corona Virus in politics
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or we can call this one the "yellow" peoples that better?
Nancy Pelosi is crazy in politics
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The living embodiment of "bat-brain-sheet" soup crazy. Quarantine to the planet Mars at once!
Crying Woman in fun
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....and now you know why you are f'd........
Untitled Image in politics
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Nobody with a brain gives the GERMANS such latitude when it comes to war crimes and mass murder. But "oh my!" "Pity the pooo Japanese!". The Japanese were allied with the Nazis, the mass-murders and mass rapists of Europe, and supported them and benefited from them. When you start a war as the Japanese did in 1931 by invading Manchuria and then China, and then launching attacks against the British and the Australians and the Americans you'd be completely insane to assume that you'd never ever be on the loosing side of the equation. Well, this is EXACTLY the self-delusional math that the Japanese government used to "formulate" their global expansion aims. Any doubter in the Japanese government was assassinated by the militarists or silenced for fear of loosing their lives. Just as the Nazis made stupid assumptions and thought that they were "bad-ass" because they attacked people who were not ready the Japanese imperialist fascist regime ASSUMED that they'd sweep away all opposition simply because the other side were "not human". Well, you are NOT a "tough-guy" because you kicked someone who was sleeping, and to go ahead and kick half a dozen guys who are sleeping, that just makes you way-totally-stupid guy. Now, let those six guys get up, now really angry and out for pay-back. Well now, now you've got a fight on your hands and we'll see how well you do. Then to be a little whiny bitch after the fact, after you get your ass beat because you were stupid enough to pick on a crowd, well now that just shows the world that INDEED, you WERE totally stupid for starting the whole thing in the first place. It's all good when I BOMB YOU, but YOU can NEVER BOMB ME. Well, war doesn't work that way. If you don't know this you're not too smart. If you're not smart enough to look at it and think, "hey guys what do we do if all this wonderful plan or our starts to go horribly wrong?" If you're not that smart, don't start wars.
Again, sore losers. They started it, we finished it.