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Fascists do crap like this in politics
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oh wait, I meant to type slaughter.I did not mean to type steal. My bad. But at its core, It was opinionated. Some people will agree, as some disagree. FDR had critics. The reason FDR took so long was because the economy was extremely deep into the depression, and it would have been impossible to right it like that.
Honestly, who the heck cares about life on other planets when we don't value life on our own planet in politics
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and this site is referring to climate change as the slow process, but global warming and climate change are generally used interchangeably.
Fascists do crap like this in politics
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FDR did not steal all the pigs, he was slaughtering some of them so that the farmers would be able to afford them, and also so that the economy can get back on track from hoovers mistakes. The pigs would take up pig farmer's money so they could buy food. This would raise pig prices so the farmers, WHO WERE HIT THE HARDEST, would have money to support themselves, as too many pigs means that pork prices would be dirt cheap. And if you believe that this caused big prices to raise to a price most people could not afford, then your wrong. The new deal provided many, many jobs for unemployed people, as provided money to most. The only problem was government deficit, but it was necessary with the great depression so far in and it not fixing without drastic means of saving it.
The brutal truth of the Democratic Party in politics
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But John adams was a strict conservative, and Jefferson considered himself the complete opposite