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Bad Luck Brian in fun
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Stuggles real
Peter Griffin News in fun
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you understand the logic of man kind
Peter Griffin News in fun
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yah know what really grinds my gears

when you tell the teacher your not feeling well and they always say go get water
But That's None Of My Business in fun
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i get what this image is stating but the only reason i would have disliked this is because i have had multiple friends of black and Hispanic and i to am Spanish and we all have dealt with seriously rascist people even at school stating " stupid f**kin mexicans" and go back over the fence, and people have made comments about my good friends being so skinny because of them being black out of my opinion you might want to change this a bit so that people do not take a offense to this picture
Impossibru Guy Original in fun
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it somehow happens to a lot of people and out of all honesty why dont people that get picked on just take a shower so it doesn't happen i mean if they have a b.o problem and its one they cant control then that's fine but if its one of those things were they just don't try to clean themselves have no reason to complain about the harassment
but i feel yah man there's been two dislikes already and i want to know why they disliked it