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MSNBC Libtard Dweebs in fun
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You realize there is no inconsistency to those two positions, right?
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Good grief. Where they are coming from, the gang violence makes it a defacto war zone. They can't go back. Under Trump, the legal apparatus for coming through the ports of entry was hamstrung - on purpose. Trump didn't want to just stop illegal immigration. He wanted to stop legal immigration. So, he dismantled part of it to make it harder on people trying to do the right thing. So, those people ended up being told to wait. For years, sometimes, on the Mexico side of the border. Without any place to stay, or work, etc.

Biden asked the Trump administration to increase funding for dealing with unaccompanied minors, and to start the upgrade process on their facilities. Trump did not even begin the process until the day before he left office, just so he could claim to have done it, and Biden would be stuck with as long a wait as possible to implement changes.

That is the epitome of jerkishness right there.

So, the predictable outcome of the Trump policies was more people attempting illegal crossings, because there was simply no viable way to cross legally. The other predictable outcome was that there would be more children than could be safely handled by the system. Trump ensured that this would happen.

Biden is ramping up changes as quickly as possible, but he is literally having to do everything with constant opposition from land mines left behind by the Trump administration and the Republicans in Congress refusing to do anything bipartisan.
A Gospel that Is Not in fun
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Meh. Inerrantist Christianity has problems, because the Bible is not consistent. It is not inerrant. One can either accept this and move forward, or refuse to accept it, entering into a never-ending defense of the indefensible.

I speak as a Christian. I simply accept the Bible for what it is, and I recognize the attempts of humans to have God represent them and their ideas.

Either God is both all powerful and all good, or God is not. If God is not, then this is all pointless. If God is, then God will not let anyone perish who does not wish to perish - and I mean actively wish, not just "oh, you didn't say the secret word, so off to Hell you go!"

And another thing. Who thought it made sense to have an all powerful, all good God torture nonbelievers for eternity? That makes zero sense. Belief is not volitional. I can't choose to believe in something. Belief is a reaction to the environment and the evidence. For God to torture those who do not believe is literally God torturing people for things they could not control. That makes God into an evil monster. If you want a false gospel, start right there. All those apologetics about God loving everyone, but thinking it is sufficient to not present to them the evidence that God knows would convince them to do the right thing of their own free will... that's some evil, right there.

So, yeah. Inerrantist Christianity has problems. It wants to put its faith in texts written by humans. It is silly. If it helps you sleep at night, I don't begrudge anyone their personal beliefs. But don't get on a high horse and try to tell people they're doomed if they don't believe the same crazy, self-contradicting stuff you do.

Look at the evidence with an open mind. Free yourself. Where it will lead you, I can't say. I am a Christian, still - although my beliefs are definitely not orthodox or mainstream. They also aren't an indefensible spaghetti pile of illogical dogma.