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Fuck the world without a condom make the human race
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Captain Picard Facepalm in fun
0 ups, 6y
cool thx for the correction jackass
Kill Yourself Guy in fun
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lml dude chill anybody with a brain knows ima troll
Kill Yourself Guy in fun
0 ups, 6y
thus i rest my case, you are about 16 and you lied about the eating condiments BS
no grown man would argue with a teen
i wanted to know long you'd drag this lie on
lml ima go play madden and you can lie on imgflip to prove a dumb point about ....white lives? lml yea whatever
you're a bigot wether u admit or not
and if you respond with another f*ck yourself you'll only prove me more right ;]
Kill Yourself Guy in fun
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why is "someone your age" arguing with a kid? damn gramps this is sad :(
"stupid little punk" lmao take your old ass to work or sum
Kill Yourself Guy in fun
0 ups, 6y
oh really? well go find a few and rendezvous back to me when u do
but meanwhile ima call u gramps xD
its funny how u only attacked the fact that i said old ppl aren't on imgflip
lmao we all know that whole i ate ketchup nonsense was a big lie...gramps ;p