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Face You Make Robert Downey Jr in fun
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n**ga this was 3 years ago
Creationist here. Just admit it. PLEASE. in fun
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which makes more sense:
a magical big guy created himself out of nowhere, popped a perfect world out of existence with a talking snake to see their sins by eating a sinner fruit, and then he watches over every form of human life and has a book that he decides if you go to a magical place in the clouds, or to burn in a never ending hellfire for eternity. and plus he loves all of us and made everyone, and everything is planned no matter what.
A small piece of massive amounts of energy eventually collapsed on itself and tons of chunks of rocks randomly flew around crashing into eachother, and after billions upon billions of years they eventually formed their own gravity based on the mass altogether, and soon cells copied and manipulated on planets to make vegetation, and humans soon after.
let me give you a hint: one has science and evidence behind it.
Hope this doesn't offend anyone, but this blew my mind... in fun
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except if you weren't trained to believe in him or have never heard of him you burn in hell for eternity.
jesus loves you cx
Bad Luck Brian in fun
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[image deleted]
Awkward Moment Sealion in fun
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woah i thought this image was long-gone :O