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But oh the drama!!!
if you stole the meme you didn't accomplish anything... jesus christ just admit you aren't funny man. you take this page soooo seriously lmao. I HAVE ACHIEVED MORE THAN SCIENCE! front page of a website full of stans by copying other people's work who are actually funny. I would be ashamed to "achieve" that.
But oh the drama!!!
you steal other people's memes you retarded 47yo manchild. don't ever talk to me like you have accomplished something in life loser.
But oh the drama!!!
you put waaay too much effort into that... this is a stolen meme. i don't support that. you obviously don't give a f**k about original content, only shameless likes and the approval of strangers.
Presumably lol so funny title
i am stealing your idea
But oh the drama!!!
at least think of your own memes if you're going to be on the front page