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H! :)
I'm relatively new here. I first started to make memes, <admittedly mostly political>, just for fun to show friends and colleagues. I didn't even know anything about posting them here for votes. I have since discovered it, and it's fun when someone appreciates your "art".

That said, there are many, MANY topics here that I don't care for, or, even understand. Fortnite / PUBG is one of them. Do I complain that they shouldn't be allowed to be posted? Nah. I just use my mouse and scroll down a few inches. I would argue that Politics is a MUCH bigger subject than Fortnite.

Travel is my hobby and passion. I've been to 60+ countries and 49 US states. I post on FlyerTalk a TON - - more than 14,000 posts! <same screenname> When I see a post that doesn't interest me, or, even a negative post replying to my post, does it stop me from posting!?!? NOOOOO!!! I just take it all in stride. Maybe they could have a separate nook for political memes, just as FlyerTalk has MANY different forums for different travel issues, but, that would probably lead to too many topics to choose from.
Also, the amount of spelling and grammar errors, is astounding here! It drives me a little nutz! I can't understand how someone could take the time to make a meme, and not even spell the words correctly that make your meme funny! But, again, I don't complain.

If you truly enjoy making fun memes, why worry about what other people post. Just follow your passion, and use your talent! Don't let what other people post affect your art.
Thanx for reading! DT :)