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You are missing the point. There is lots of species you can say that have human characterists but they are not human nor will they ever in a million a billion or a trillion years be human capable. Point is a ape is a monkey its not a human being. Stop confusing yourselves all the time.
rofl no talking birds. Look up einstein or griffin parrot. They seem way smarter then monkeys by far. Parrots can actually have small conversations with humans unlike the monkey species. Evoulution theory dethroned
Evolutionist say humans and monkeys are the same but yet we are totally different. In life span, looks,genes, hair, intellegents, and etc. There is millions of reason why humans are not monkeys. Never seen a monkey make a computer,car, rockets and etc. If you were to pick animals that are similar to humans a talking bird would be the closest because they can actually communicate with us. But nooo lol