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Circular Reasoning
Hypothetical speculation is useful to a point. But we cannot become a society that judges on accusations alone. At the end of the day, I'll take proof and evidence, mate. In lieu of that, I'd like to see the Republicans grow a set and ram him through. These smear tactics should be beneath all of us. >>> Latest developments: an ex-boyfriend of Dr. Ford has made claims "under oath", and thus subject to penalty of perjury - that contradict her testimony. Where's the #BelieveExBoyfriends movement? Ooooh, that's a new meme! Gotta go! Cheers!
Circular Reasoning
Except Feinstein kept the accusations secret for 2 months so they couldn't find out until the eleventh hour! You do know that, right?
Circular Reasoning
Nobody should listen. Beliefs are just that - beliefs. Doesn't make it true!
Supertramp & 9-11
what's ur point?
Meanwhile on the Trump Rally in Florida
Um, that was about alcohol sales...