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Gotta be real, i suck at making titles. in fun
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I taught myself to sew out of necessity, not because it's a manly thing.
Spiderman Glasses in fun
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What's the other one?
Thanks, I hate it in fun
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I'm a web site owner and you guys have my word that I'll never use this file format, unless I'm forced by some stupid GDPR like guideline, and I do whatever I can to instruct other web masters not to replace their jpgs for this shit. I'm just saying, in case people here want to know why some websites uses this crap.
I hope none of you do this, I try not to in fun
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Well... what's school even good for anyway? Just finish school as soon as possible, don't worry about getting the best grades. Real knowledge is found at Bitchute and MGTOW tv.
True in fun
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Birds from all over the world: So it was all a lie?