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Two thousand years before the Europeans these people did nothing but fight each other. These people's history is horrid. in politics
1 up, 8h
They also never invented the wheel or metal working until Europeans civilized them. They couldn't even run a crooked casino.
you never see any dems on imgflip in politics
2 ups, 4d
The left can't meme.
Sleepy Joe Biden in politics
1 up, 4d
I'll bet you never paid attention to every minute of a multi-day trial.
Untitled Image in politics
5 ups, 4d
And ever since Obama, they've been out running the actual printing presses, (which ran 24 hrs per day) leading us to virtual digital money instead of even paper money.
Cashless monopoly money, federal reserve notes replaced by hackable digital hoax.
Trump & Confederate Heroes in politics
0 ups, 5d
Neither Robert E. Lee nor Jefferson Davis were persecuted by a corrupt justice system, even after their supporters killed President Lincoln after they lost the war.