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fun in fun
0 ups, 8mo
no! deathaurus was the bigger hero!
I meet a Decepticons and Predacons... in fun
0 ups, 12mo
onyx prime; keep my kids out of that!
"Do you like Transformers The last knight?" Mum said in fun
0 ups, 12mo
for my nemesis to hate this one, I'll agree with you on this one...i was genuinely expecting someone like star saber to appear
Knockout isn't Hated character! in fun
0 ups, 12mo
he's actually a construction worker wh treats his job just as an addict on drugs!
Transformers Bayverse or G1? in fun
0 ups, 12mo
try the expanded G1 universe many fan favorites are there saber, dai atlas, dezaras, liozack and the brestforce!