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Spaceballs comb
Except for all the illicit connections to the Russians and lies to cover them up. We know now that Don Jr. secretly met with a Russian in Trump tower just prior to the first WikiLeaks dump. We also now know that Trump was working on a Moscow real estate deal in 2016 at a time when he denied having business contacts with the Russkies. Team Trump lied to cover up this and more. PS we also now know that Jerome Corsi knew that hackers were responsible for the DNC data theft at the same time he was pushing the Seth Rich conspiracy therory.
Hypocrites: Our side is perfect with no flaws. Your side is evilll
You ought to redo this with a caption that isn’t imgflip specific. Like “today’s politics summed up in one picture “
President Trump and Q vs the Deepstate.
The “globalist owned msm” is entitled to free speech as well. I don’t know of anyone here who has been imprisoned for voicing their opinion. I’m not discussing Europe where they do have some problems. It’s amazing to me that some think speech problems for conservatives can be resolved by abridging someone else’s speech rights.