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Just being Orange in general.. LOL.. actually it scrolled off the list.. meh..
Futurama Fry
Winning?.. You think having Trumpuss in the WH is winning? I am not even surprised anymore when people scramble to way "We WON!!" When the result is so bad. It is sad that this is the only thing you have; a hollow victory in an election. Besides, when it all comes out the Russia tipped the election for trumpuss and trumpuss conspired to that end, maybe win will be too strong a word. Lance Armstrong was stripped of hiw "wins" after it was found out he cheated, lots of Olympic medalists too.. so we cant have a redo in the election, but there will certainly be an * beside trumpuss.
Futurama Fry
Sure.. check your demographics from post election data.. you are simply wrong. Saying all politicians are crooks is the same as saying.. inches and yards are the same.. both metrics for measurement. Go weak troll on trumpuss posts. Not buying it here.
Futurama Fry
Trump supporters have cornered the market on stupid. It is just a fact. Trumpuss is a con man, a criminal, and likely a traitor and still the deplorables support him regardless of the primia facia fact that both he and his supporters are stupid. Trump even boasted that he loves the uneducated. *drops mic*
Futurama Fry
who said? I am a liberal and it is my patriotic duty to call out this disaster that is Trumpuss and his deplorables. You earned it.