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Trump Bill Signing
oh so the wall is built and mexico paid for it? ISIS is gone? Hillary's locked up? We have better and cheaper healthcare? He drained the swamp? These are all the things he promised would happen as soon as he took office. None of which has even started now 19 months in. Exactly what are you talking about?
Trump Bill Signing
imagine anyone in your life behaving this way. the more you react negatively to their behavior, they do it more, yeah you'd boot them out of your life immediately. but not Trump, yeah you're a genius.
it's from the movie Willow
Untitled Image
it means "nice" but pronounced like noise....NOICE. it's an over-anunciation
Futurama Fry
the point is i don't know if it's a compliment or insult...which is why i used the fry meme