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Bashful Ted Cruz
Guess GOD didn't want cruz to be president after all
Overkill Guns
True, Id like to see the provisions of the Brady bill put back in place (expired in 2005), all states enforce background checks with no exceptions and a permitting process where a person has to demonstrate knowledge of guns and how to use them, sort of like a drivers license.
Overkill Guns
Psychotropic drugs? Where did you get that from? Have people with metal illnesses caused mass shootings? Of course! What's the percentage? I've yet to hear of someone going to trial found guilty of less then what they've been charged with because the didnt know or understand what they were doing either. And you blame Obama? LAUGHABLE. That said, there needs to be universal background checks, no exceptions, ban on certain assault weapons, ban on high capacity mags, wait that sounds alot like the law Reagan promoted and signed into law. To bad republicans let it expire.
2nd Term Obama
Currently the deficit as of GDP in 2013 was 4.1 percent and falling
2nd Term Obama
The fiscal deficit to GDP ratio measures a country's fiscal deficit, or the amount by which budgeted expenditures exceed expected revenues, in relation to the country's GDP. Because nations that run a fiscal deficit must make up the difference by borrowing, the ratio compares what a nation borrows to what it produces. The deficit to GDP ratio provides an indication of the country's ability to pay back its debts. In January 2011, the "Washington Post" reported that the U.S. budget deficit would reach about $1.5 trillion in 2011, making the nation's fiscal deficit 9.8 percent of the nation's GDP. This is the largest deficit to GDP ratio since World War II, the newspaper reported.