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"oh hey, its you again" in fun
1 up, 1y
This is one of the few good original memes I've seen on imgflip. Thank you.
Malay is a meme man language in fun
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image tagged in not stonks | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
This should change your mind
Martin Looter King in politics
0 ups, 1y
I agree. The joke is making fun of people who riot and loot thinking they're doing the work of MLK. That's the whole point of the meme man/stonks meme. Disappointed I have to explain this
Popular Vs. Unpopular in fun
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You should be able to see it on my account. It's like the drake meme but with wojaks. It makes the same point as this meme.
Popular Vs. Unpopular in fun
1 up, 1y
Lol I hope this was inspired off my meme from a few days ago