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"I, Aragorn son of Arathorn, take it upon thine - self to make the world a funnier and more amusing place" - Aragorn13
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Get it?! in fun
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NO PROBLEM | image tagged in memes,buddy christ | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I thank you.
Get it?! in fun
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The starving "rich."
Laughing Conservatives in Suits in fun
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Well, too late now.
Morning Prayer in fun
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MAY HE LEAVE IN PEACE | image tagged in praying dog | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Ignorance can be cured with education: stupidity lasts a lifetime in fun
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HAVE YOU NOT READ MY RANT! IN MY HUGE COMMENT ABOVE I SAID THAT NIXON WAS PARANOID, AND IT WAS A GOOD THING THAT HE RESIGNED! WHEN YOU WISH TO FORMALLY DEBATE SOMEONE AND NOT SOUND LIKE SOMEONE THAT DOESN'T EVEN LISTEN TO ANYONE THAT ANYBODY SAYS, I SUGGEST THAT YOU ACTUALLY LEARN HOW TO DEBATE. You realise, I have agreed with you a couple of times. The difference between me and you is that I actually read what you post, and am willing to be open - minded. If your an adult I assume that you are going senile and need some help. This whole time you have been so illogical about "Ignorance being a choice," and saying other illogical things. If Richard Nixon actually got the government to spy on people because he was paranoid, that nothing new either. President Kennedy and President Obama have literally done the same thing. It's nothing that odd. I also suggest you learn some history before debating with someone about history, from saying that President Nixon was paranoid of blacks in another debate I had with you, from making a huge deal about an apparent list that he had. You are also being very vague about the alleged list, and have not yet told me whether it was a literal list, whether he was wiretapping and spying on those people, whether he just got other people to do those things for him, or if he was planning on murdering them. You are being extremely vague, and haven't even provided me with a link to a website that describes the afore - mentioned list. Formal debaters usually listen to everything the opponent has to say, is very open minded, uses logic, uses facts, AND IS NOT VAUGE. Formal internet debaters, or people who type of books as a form of argument know to always provide links when the given person cannot properly or adequately convince the opponent.
P.S. What the heck does the following sentence mean: "YOU choose to use to be a source of misinformation." I am very confused on this bad grammar. Maybe you are going senile, and I am very and deeply sorry for you if you are. Good luck.