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Please....don't flatter yourself. I do find your ignorance highly entertaining, however. You go on with your bad self and keep telling yourself you won an argument if it makes you sleep better at night.
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Yeah Skippy, if you read, you might even learn that those employment trends are continuing from (gasp!) the Obama years. But keep on championing your crybaby "president", by all means.
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Facts?! You haven't presented one and I doubt you would recognize one if it bit you in the face. I don't care about the meme, I am.more interested in your pathetic willingness to defend Trump to the death when it's clear to anyone possessed of logic that he's the biggest disaster to enter the Oval Office in history. Cue your predictable "But Obama!"
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Hilarious, I'm sure. Lemme guess: you still believe that North Korea's no threat and that Tiny had a bigger inauguration.
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Ok, I get're a Trump parrot who doesn't actually worry about facts, you just want so badly to blame Obama that you don't see the dumpster fire that the country has become under Trump. Please name an accomplishment of his. I'll wait.