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braindead reality tv
Seriously; and, it's been going on like that for decades. I read a report a few years ago - can't remember the source, but I'll look for it - that was a research update on CJD and Alzheimer's that stated they had found a new problem. A disease that falls somewhere between the two. They were looking for one or the other and found that almost half of the autopsies resulted in neither; instead, this other one was what they were finding. It was closer to Mad Cow than anything we've found in humans. And we've been eating the stuff so long, now, it's pretty much too late. It's just a matter of time...
braindead reality tv
The "leftovers" of slaughter houses and processing plants are rendered into liquid fat and protein that is sprayed on feed to "enhance" nutritional value. It's fed directly back to subsequent generations of the food animals it comes from. I'm not vegetarian, or anything; but, damn...
braindead reality tv
Amen! Check this out, if you're into checking out stuff like this:
Liberals showing their true nature
Biggest rigged reality show ever! We are Truman Burbank ????
pyschic cagw
37% of the time it's 21% real...oops, forgot to carry the twelve; never mind.