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Teacher's Copy in History_Memes
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Budapest, basically.
Spongebob Ight Imma Head Out in ai_memes
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Yo dawg, I heard you like tests, so I put a test on your test.
"-ight" in fun
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Ah, my tax dollars hard at work. Good the CIA is recruiting young people with problems through hypnosis to terrorize society into submission.
With how our schools are run, putting 5 schools worth of kids into 3 buildings the next shooter won't even have to aim. That's why my former boss tells me about the school she works at.
If I know anything from a lot of these shootings, is that the feds and cops knew about the guy acting crazy for a while and didn't bother to do anything about it. Hell, Uvalde is just *one* example of them not doing anything about it even when he's going at it.
Probably by design.
Top secret in gaming
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Illuminat! They're the green triangle! THE GREEN TRIANGLE! They green pyramid on the dollar, the green triangle on the ps1 controller!
And the Triangle is at top, controlling all the other any good pyramid scheme should...
Straight up waste of money in fun
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Well, women actually spend more money in our consumerist economy than men.
See, a lot of men can live relatively spartan, minimalistic lives-in comparison to women-when they are single. What gets men to try to earn a lot of money, sometimes at jobs they hate, is that they are dating or married, and want to support their loved ones. In marriages, women basically decide what 70% of the household's money is spent on.
When men make enough money to not live in squalor and have a few of their hobbies, they can be pretty content. We all want nice things, but men generally don't need as much validation from being surrounded by nice things as women do, for better or worse.
That nice car? It's to attract women. Why do you think they show half naked girls on all those old car magazines? It's sending a message that if you buy a nice car, mating opportunities will appear.
Don't you just love Nature?
Now we see why this consumerist economy is becoming gynocentric and demonizing men for not marrying. Men will work their asses off to date a girl or support a wife/family, but they if they're not married they don't have to push themselves that hard (unless they're really into business). Even some rich men actually have minimalist living spaces to save money for the big stuff.
This consumer economy favors women right now because women will be inclined to spend more, and therefore make money for the ruling oligarchs. A lot of men have dipped out of dating, and are too exhausted to work themselves to death in a corporate sector that isn't as loyal or profitable as it used to be, and are wary of fighting the rich man's wars when they know we funded ISIS and they see all the homeless veterans living under bridges.